Construction Week 8 and 8.2

Sorry for the late post for construction week 8,  I have been very busy with my final uni presentation. As it is now mid way through week 9, this post is a combination of last weeks visits and my site visit yesterday.

This photo was taken on friday when the glazing was being fitted. Its looking really nice, i love the reflection of the trees on this photo.


The interior tongue and grove cladding has all bee fitted, it looks great. The polycarbonate window in the buffer wall has been fitted, and im very happy to say that is does bring enough light into the toilets and lobby, enough to see anyway.

The photos below were taken on Tuesday  as i had a wide angle lens and better photos of the interior. Since friday the laminate floor has been fitted.






Over the past two days progress has been excellent. My visit yesterday has made me less worried about it finishing on time for saturdays opening. Theres now only 3 days work left to go.


So far this week, the high level window frames have been fitted and look lovely. The toilets have been plumbed in. The roof tiles have all been fitted ready for the solar panels to go on today. A club member has kindly spent a lot of time doing some landscaping around the north and east sides of the build which has made a big difference and grounds the building into the site.



With the glazing and the roof on its all beginning to come together, and im very much looking forward to the opening on saturday.

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