983652_10152878804145243_1162673610_nMy name is Chloe, I am a passionate focused individual who seeks ways of improving the environment we live in.

I am about to embark on a masters degree at Brunel University in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design. I hope to develop my thoughts, ideas and my vision for a sustainable built environment through this course and I have recently founded The Echlo Group to help achieve this.

The Echlo Group is a collection of initiatives with the aim to developing a sustainable future. With a positive plan for change, focused on the built environment, The Echlo Group aims to contribute to the transition to efficient and beautiful design and process.

The Echlo Group looks to educate the next generation in sustainable practise and efficient thinking as they enter into the newly evolved/ evolving work place. In addition The Echlo Group looks to educate and consult in existing practice.

The Echlo Group will collaborate with existing organisations and charities with similar aims, holding events and conducting research projects. I currently volunteer at The London Sustainability Exchange and I am on the steering committee for the WSCP Women in Sustainable Construction and Property.


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