Social sustainability- TRUST can save us all!

Social sustainability is derived from basic human needs, and therefore the ability for humans to live happy and fulfilled lives these five basic needs or principles should not be compromised.


– The ability to not physically mentally or emotionally harm others on an individual scale-Human rights


– The ability to be equal. Treat others as you wish to be treated.


– The ability to have a purpose and create meaning in one’s life and others lives.


– The ability to excel, to be good at something and be educated and encouraged in order to achieve success at what ever level.


– The ability to shape a social system, to have ones voice heard and to vote. etc.


But ultimately TRUST is the over arching factor in a future sustainable society, with trust, greed, corruption, violence, inequality all disappear.


Below is a link it an excellent heart-felt video about all the wrong in the world and how people with love and trust can help stitch back together the pieces of our broken society.

It’s really worth a watch: