Ecotricity, the rise of the electric car.

Today on my nice 1.2 mile leisurely walk to work, i saw for the first time the Tesla model S, I was lucky enough to spot it and then catch up with it at a red light where i had a nice nose, and my god is it beautiful!

01-2012-tesla-model-s-fd-1347336745model-s-review-620a tesla_model_s_p85_2014_i3

Not only did i see the Model S, just up the road the Nissan Leaf passed me by, albeit less beautiful my morning was uplifted with thoughts that the electric car is becoming more popular and feasible for modern life.


I get to work (at a ‘sustainability exchange’ where you would think people would have knowledge of green transport innovation) and tell everyone about my electric experiences, but no one had even heard of Tesla, let alone the Model S, my heart dropped, but i remain positive!

The BBC have recently written an article: about the development of supercharging, enabling you to charge your battery to 80% in 20-30 minutes, thats fast enough for even the most impatient people!

I have always wanted an electric car, i seriously looked in to the buying the Renault Zoe earlier this year, but to my dismay my bank account wouldn’t stretch to not only buy the car at 16k but have an additional monthly payment for battery hire of anything between £80-£150, depending on milage.



Theres lots of electric cars on the market, the majority of which look amazing!

One day, some day i will have an electric car! =]

I <3 Trees!

Search the web, save the environment!


I have recently added Ecosia as a plugin to google chrome. It is a search engine where every time you search via the site, you contribute to a tree being planted. Ecosia, like most search engines uses adverts to develop an income, however Ecosia donates 80% of that income to a tree planting project in Brazil.

Ecosia graphics are fun and upbeat and the best bit is it keeps track of how many trees you have helped to plant. I have apparently planted 18 trees since i started using Ecosia only a month ago.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 13.13.35

Im not sure of the actual contribution using Ecosia has, or whether 18 trees have actually been planted thanks to yours truly. Nevertheless, I always like to support positive initiatives especially when its helping to replenish trees which are so vital to human survival and the biosphere.

Below is a link to a video explaining what Ecosia does and how.

Its simple really.. search the web, save the environment!