Burton Sailing Club Training Centre, A year since completion

It has been just over a year since the completion of Burton Sailing Club Training Centre.

The training centre has been a great success and has allowed for a tremendous increase in training at the club. The centre has been used nearly every day, providing varied training opportunities.

Im very happy to say that the off grid service systems have all been very successful even with the increase in use and the club has adapted very successfully to accommodate them.


photo 1 (1)

A year on i am still receiving compliments about the centre. My favourite one was hearing an anecdote about a child who had come off the water because he was cold and a bit fed up, often when this happens the child will not want to carry on sailing. However, after a few minutes break and time to warm up in the  training centre this child was all fired up, ready to go again. The instructor said that they felt the sole reason for this was the close proximity and positive atmosphere the training centre has. To me, that is the greatest achievement spatial design can have.

photo (3)


I am really happy with the way the building has settled so well in to its surroundings and how nature is thriving around it. There are rabbits and squirrels using the shelter underneath the building and it has even attracted a hornets nest. Im not sure hornets are a good thing when children are around but enhancing biodiversity has certainly been achieved!



I think the project has been a great success and i feel that it is really working well within its surroundings and for the sailing club.


Thanks to every one involved, I hope that centre continues to serve the club well for many years to come.



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