Construction, Week 6



This weeks progress is noticeable.

The roof rafters were cut and positioned and the roof was sheeted with plywood. With the roof taking shape, you really start to get a feel of the training centre inside and out, i am pleased with how lovely and bright the interior is.




The window frames have fitted and the glazing has been ordered. The view of the lake is framed beautifully by the east wall glazing. (photo below)

photo (19)


The vertical hit and miss cladding has started to go up, and is looking lovely.



The electricians have finished the first fit and all the door furniture has been chosen and ordered.

This week there has been some design discussion about the disabled access ramp and the entrance stairs, the committee have approved the design change to make the access ramp larger and follow the shape of the building down the west wall. This change means that the veranda from the south side will be symmetrical. It also creates better disabled access and allows for a garden space to be created on the west side. The main entrance stair will also be on the south side with the east stair case being omitted due to height and cost reasons.

Progress this week has been impressive and i am very happy with it. From wednesday 3rd April i will be taking over the role of project manager and overseeing the build until completion, which i still hope will be in time for the opening on the 20th April.

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