Wilkinson Erye- The Crystal

The integration of sustainable design and modern architecture is long over due. So it is amazing to see innovate architecture that has sustainability rooted within the scheme and the design process.


The crystal by Wilkinson Eyre is a great example of the future of sustainable architecture as it is a scheme that realises stand out modern architecture can be efficient and that sustainable design doesn’t hinder creative flair but it can increase it.

Sofie Pelsmakers however disagrees in her review of the build in On Office magazine, her last paragraph states that the design is unlikely to become a prototype of sustainable urban design due to its inability to adapt to different contexts and its high cost of £4000/sqm. She goes on to say that it might give the impression that this is what sustainable building is all about, when more efficient buildings on a lower budget can be delivered.

http://www.onofficemagazine.com/item/1920-the-shape-of-green-architecture (pages 25-33)

I however feel that the point of this building has been missed throughout the report, and that it is in fact exactly what the current sustainable climate in architecture needs- A stand out piece that shouts to architects who fear sustainability with a cry of you can still produce modern architecture and be sustainable too.

It may be drastically expensive but today architects need inspiration to adapt and integrate sustainable design into their work and practise, I personally feel this design is a breath of fresh air and although not a model for the future it is a huge stepping stone into and efficient beautifully design built environment.

Sustainability and beauty combined in architecture.

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