Construction- Week 1

This weekend I went on site where Burton sailing clubs training centre has been in construction for 5 working days. I was very impressed with the progress and its great to see my first design coming to life.




The site is ideally located for training situated in the boat park, with a beautiful framed view of Foremark Reservoir.

Note from the project manager: Week ending 22nd Feb:  The timber has all arrived and work has begun.  The massive piles that support the building are firmly concreted into place and the ring beam for the floor is in position.  Two wall frames have been made and are currently laid flat on top of the sewage tank ready for lifting into place next week. The large tall verticals will be the corner and door post for the fully glazed South side of the classroom.

I cant wait to see the progress Rural log cabins make this week.

Next visit scheduled: 3rd march

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