Burton sailing club’s Training center- design over view

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As a part one architecture student, member and RYA instructor of Burton sailing club I have been lucky enough to be involved in the design and build of the new training facilities. I was commissioned by the club to design and manage the training centre, the facilities hope to expand the training opportunities and boost incoming funds into the club.

The centre has been grant aided by Sport England as part of the Olympic Legacy programme.

The facilities are located in the boat park and will provide a large classroom space for various training activities, a store, lobby and toilet facilities.

DSC08323 The site.

The building is off grid and completely self-sustaining. Incorporating solar power, rainwater collection, sewerage treatment, natural ventilation and an LED lighting system. The design was developed with efficiency in mind, a simple yet effective design.


– The north and west elevations have no openings or windows to reduce heat loss.

– The south and east sides however are fully glazed to increase solar gain and enhance the view of the reservoir.


-Silver grey vertical hit and miss cladding to mimic the surrounding silver birch trees.

–  An internal East-West Buffer Wall – is a design feature to further insulate the classroom space, placing the toilets, store and lobby, that don’t need to be kept warm, on the north side.

plan with buffere wall highlighted

-The roof shape allows for light to enter the main classroom and also through a glazed panel in the buffer wall to give the toilets some natural light, it also provides the ventilation system with automatic window openers.

section with light and ventilation2

The centre is a wooden framed build with high insulation values at least 25% better than the latest building control specifications.  The design exceeds building regulations and its efficiency will be recorded throughout its use.

Construction starts on the 18th February 2013 and aims to be completed by the start of April ready for its grand opening on the 20th of April.

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