My Projects 2009-2012

Just an overview of the projects i have been working on whilst studying architecture at university and in my final year at school.

Year Two Term Two project

A potters workshop in Amsterdam.

A design influenced primarily by its function and location taking inspiration from the city of amsterdam and how i interpreted it as organised chaos,  and from potteries organic form making process. Combining them together to create a design which imitates organised chaos. A boxy exterior with a fludid interior encased


Year Two Term One

Geologists study center, Bradgate Park.

An eco design using tire wall construction, the north side is earth covered with a caternary arch structure as a focal piece, together these two aspects created an arch shape which mimics the interesting earth mounds on site.


Year One Term One

Studio house, London Road, Leicester

A residential home for a couple with one child who have interesting careers and hobbies which needed to be catered for in their home.

The father was a neurologist with a interest in astronomy, the mother a photographer and artists who is currently writing a book.


Year One Term Two

Group project, a retreat for students


Year One Term One


My first design project focused on development from concept to final space


A2 year Product design

Burton sailing club house


A few of my art pieces


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