Fosters #1


So, Foster and partners finally get to number one in this years AJ100 awards, a well deserved position? I’ve always found that a mention of Foster or his work would always make me feel like saying “tell me something new.”

In my first history lecture of year two my lecturer posted the question of will Foster be classed as the Corbusier of the 21st century? This question made me stop and think, it is so difficult to look into the future and begin to think that practising architects will soon be taught in schools of architecture.

But, lets be fair, Foster fits the bill. He is a very successful architect, he has created many landmarks for Britain and the rest of the world, but not only that my personal favourite, The Millau viaduct ; ] – the most breath taking piece of structural engineering and design I have ever experienced first hand.


The Millau Viaduct, Millau South of France.

Despite my initial reaction to the question, I am sure that Foster will be classed as a pioneering architect of the 21st century. So, it’s a well done from me Sir Foster, congrats!


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